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The Greene Town Center

51 Plum St., Beavercreek, OH, 45440
(937) 490-4900

Created by dpodrid

Location & Nearby Info
The Greene Town Center
51 Plum St.
Beavercreek, OH 45440
(937) 490-4900
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Reviews & Comments
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(no rating) Jan. 9, 2009 - ActiveDayton.com - By Mark Fisher

Don’t suggest to Ismail Altinok — manager or Pasha Grill at The Greene — that he must adjust traditional Turkish recipes to suit western tastes.

“We don’t Americanize anything,” Altinok said. “It’s great food, people love it, so why change it?”

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(no rating) March 9, 2007 - ActiveDayton.com - By Mark Fisher

Two impressions emerge quickly upon dining at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar: First, the restaurant does a fabulous job with red meats and with wines. Second — you’ll pay for it.

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(no rating) Friday, January 08, 2010 - ActiveDayton.com - Mark Fisher / Active Dayton staff writer

BEAVERCREEK — The Wine Loft added a new destination to The Greene's entertainment landscape in late 2009, and its atmosphere, small-plates food menu and 70 wines offered by the glass make it well worth checking out, even if wine isn't your drink of choice.

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(no rating) Friday, Nov. 02, 2007 - ActiveDayton.com - Mark Fisher, Ron Rollins, Ray Marcano, Laura Dempsey Alexis Larsen and Craig Schrolucke, staff writers

BEAVERCREEK — The Brits are known for a lot of things, but food isn't one of them. Still, anything resembling an authentic pub strikes a chord with mid-Americans who still, knowing it's not the English way, demand their beer cold.

The Pub is the latest drinking/eating/mingling establishment at The Greene, and because everybody wants to be among the first to check out the new kid, it's crowded and raucous. The bar is beautiful — handcrafted and assembled on-site — and the waitresses show off their allegiance to Scotland (and their legs) with their short-short plaid skirts. The lighting is flattering, a few thronelike seats swallow their coronated occupants and the booths aren't made for long-legged patrons, but the atmosphere is loud and beersoaked, just the way we like it.

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(no rating) Friday, June 08, 2007 - ActiveDayton.com - Craig Schrolucke and Alexis Larsen, staff writers

For anyone looking for the next place to be seen in Greene County, you might stop by Bar Louie, one of the latest additions to The Greene that opened its doors to customers in March. The expansive indoor and outdoor space exudes an eclectic vibe of hip urban hotel lobby, upscale sports bar and Jimmy Buffet's front porch.

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Sep 25, 2013 - 330CAO on McCormick & Schmick's Seafood
Partially Disapointed

I thought the restaurant and it's food was terribly overpriced for what I received. My wife did enjoy her dinner very much but I made the mistake of ordering a Lobster Cobb Salad. For $23 dollars you would have thought that I would have received more than two tablespoons worth of Lobster! The salad had about a half of avocado and a good amount of good but overpowering blue cheese. The "Lobster Cobb Salad" should be named "Avocado Cobb Salad with blue cheese and a little bit of Lobster!" I complained and reeived a $10 coupon for a free dessert on my next visit! Fat chance! We spent $65 for two iced teas a good dinner ansd a poor dinner-no drinks or desert. I don't think I'm going to spend $65 again to get a $10 reduction off an expensive desert. If you like crab legs they are a bargain at only $49.95 per plate!

May 04, 2012 - Barb Juarez on Adobe Gila's
Not good

Strictly a "bar" bar. Don't go there for the food.

Mar 21, 2012 - RWinters2 on The Wine Loft
You Get What You Pay For

I was searching for a great place to host my wife's birthday party, but there seemed to be no place that had quality food yet also had some 'flavor' of a night club atmosphere. Most restaurants have only private rooms (isolating your group from the rest of the patrons), and most bars are, well, a bar. Then I found The Wine Loft. It was fantastic! The layout of the place was perfect for hosting an intimate party where you felt like you were in a VIP lounge. The food was very good...you definitely do NOT think of it as 'bar food'. The only constructive criticism I could offer would be to find a place to serve as a coat room (everything else about the place is first class, adding a coat room would be a nice finishing touch). Prices are equivalent to a nice restaurant, so don't expect a cheap bill as you would when ordering appetizers at a bar. However, unlike most service-oriented businesses in this world today, The Wine Loft is definitely a place where you get what you pay for. If you want to go out drinking with friends, go to a bar. If you want a first-class atmosphere and great food/drinks/service, go to The Wine Loft.

Jul 15, 2011 - Shawnjohn on Adobe Gila's
grew old

The kitchen is vary vary slow.. not enough wait staff... it took 1hr 45min to get a burger... the main problem was there were only 15 people there at the time.. I will not return. wait staff said that the kitchen is always slow.. and the MGR is a TOOL,

Oct 27, 2010 - ambers1 on Adobe Gila's
Always have a blast here!

I have tried Adobe Gila's on several occasions and although they are definitely a little too busy on certain nights, I always enjoy my Wednesday/Thursday nights on the patio and the staff has always taken great care of me. My friends and I love the fishbowl special for 10 bucks, and we go every Thursday for ladies night specials.

Aug 08, 2010 - thor1a on Adobe Gila's
Crappy Maragritas, chintzy portions

For a restaurant that promotes its margaritas prominently in their advertising, they were a huge disappointment. They have a decent selection of higher-end Tequilas, and you can get a pitcher of Margaritas made with decent tequilas like Herradura, Patron, etc. but you will be lucky if they put enough tequila in the drink to even detect it's flavor. They evidently must use some crappy lime-mixer as the drinks taste like bitter artificial lime flavoring common in cheap off-the-shelf mixes. Sadly, I've had far better margaritas in places like Chilis or Tumbleweeds. Even worse, when I long for a margarita made with low grade Jose Cuervo gold while I'm drinking something that Adobe Gilas served me, that is pretty bad. The funny thing was when the waitress asked how everything was, I told her I thought the margaritas should be stronger, and she admitted she heard that complaint a lot. For a pitcher of supposedly top-shelf margaritas, it should have been far better. As for the meal, I had the chicken fajitas. They tasted good, but they are not very generous with their portions. They give you three small tortillas, a small plate of fixins, and the meat with sauteed veggies. Most higher-end bar and grill places give you more for your money. And, Adobe Gilas does not offer any complimentary chips and salsa. They offer a small plate of chips and a selection of dips for around 5 dollars. The dips were ok. But again, they are not generous with the portions. The dips came in tiny little cups. Dip a few chips and they were empty quickly. All in all, the food experience was extremely mediocre, and the drinks downright disappointing. The only thing I really enjoyed was the open-air dining.

Jul 26, 2010 - jjdilo on Adobe Gila's
They get 1/2 star because I can't place anything less. Never going back!

This place has a good atmosphere however, the people that work there, especially the bouncers ruin that. Very much "Roadhouse" wanna be's. They will ruin your night regardless if you are at fault or not. Also, their bartenders don't know how to keep tally on your tab. My wife and I had an unauthorized charge to our debit card the next day. That is an additional charge to our actual tab. When we called they said they thought the additional tab was for someone who was in our party. Regardless if anyone was in our party, since when does anyone have the right to place an unauthorized charge on an account just because they want to. We are the 3rd couple in as little as a month that this has happened to that we have heard about. And again, the bouncers are HORRIBLE! High School Rejects trying to become someone but are limited on options most likely.

Apr 17, 2010 - Sean on Rave Motion Pictures: The Greene
Nice place

Lots of good things about the Greene. Have been going there for some years now, since it's location is ideal for me (directly in between Dayton Mall and Fairfield Mall). Their selection is usually pretty current with good rotation. The seating is comfortable. Isles between the chairs are well spaced (you still have to kinda move in but don't have to fold up into your chair to let somebody pass). Lots of stuff to choose from if you're in the need of a snack (at the usual theatre pricing). Overall, a well tended facility, very clean. The Director's Hall offers food ordering and delivery to your seat, mostly from a cart (if you're into that kinda thing). Roomier seating, if I remember correctly. You, also, reserve the seat you want to the ticket you buy. All for an additional price, of course (think they run like $3 more or so). Personally, I wouldn't use them for just one thing. The leather seats. I've always found them (in general, mind you) to be uncomfortable in that there's no ventilation with leather. Can get hot and have found myself squirming in the seat. If you have leather seats in your car or at home and it doesn't bother you to sit there for a couple hours, then these shouldn't phase you at all.
The crowds I've seen movies with have been the non-participating kind (not yelling/talking out loud to the screen, basically quiet). They do get the occasional phone user even though they threaten instant removal if caught at the start of the show by an employee who give a little speech.
Parking is within easy reach and is typically not a problem, either. However, I usually go during the weekend afternoons. Evenings, The Greene (an outdoors style mall) can get pretty packed. Keep that in mind.
If you're looking for food after, there are several places within walking distance (a Mongolian grill style one being 30' from the front door).

Apr 01, 2010 - Cantos42 on Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
Not Worth it.

Last Easter I took my daughter and granddaughter here. The service was excellent. Unfortunately the steak was the worst piece of shoe leather I have ever had. Bigger is not better. Even with a serrated knife, I could barely hack of any edible chunks. I would not go there again.

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